The Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra is a community orchestra that is composed of young, devoted musicians, working towards a common vision; “To be globally renowned orchestra by educating musicians of all ages and spreading music throughout the nation.

We were assigned to conceptualize a poster fitting for the performance. The word “Fate” was carefully chosen by the committee as the utmost representation of the life of Beethoven, with his 5th Symphony being the highlight of the performance. While researching on Beethoven’s life, the story came be as a composer coping with deafness. His isolation and loneliness became a source of inspiration for the poster. We pictured the composer within a very large and empty room, with the piano’s silhouette engulfing him under its spotlight.


Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra


Design and Conceptualization : Rachel Wan & Jonathan Ch’ng
Photography : Darry Lum
Copywriting : Douglas Tan & Debra Grace

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