MRCA is a retail chain association that serves as a mediator for retail businesses to network and exchange ideas. Currently, the association includes more than 250 leading retail chain store operators and franchises, including major brands such as Baskin Robbins, Secret Recipe, BMS Organics and Bonia.

The main objective of MRCA Charity Run 2014 is to conjoin both workplace health management and social commitment, while aiming to promote general welfare and fundraising for their charity foundation.

As Graphic Designers, we were assigned to develop the event’s identity and to produce several design deliverables, including but not limited to logos, buntings, flyers, maps, and certificates. We retained the main identity’s colour, purple; while implementing a secondary colour to function as the event’s identity colour. The design aims to achieve a balance of cheerfulness and professionalism.


Malaysia Retail Chain Association

What we did

Graphic Design : Rachel Wan & Jonathan Ch’ng
Photography : Rachel Wan

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