Lives in her head
87.31% of the time

She’s a self-proclaimed nerd that hoards dogs.

Like many others, she likes Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon and Mass Effect. She’s also obsessed with good typography, clean lines, well-planned layouts, perfect colour combos and properly executed ideas. Everything, in any form of visual medium, has a story. And because writing is not Rachel’s forte, the least she can do is tell them visually.

Rachel studied Digital Animation in The One Academy of Communication Design but her first freelance gig was a graphic design job. Later on, she ended up as a CG Artist working on a couple of movies and an awesome game project, and now back to freelancing, doing graphic design, illustration and concept art.


Diagnosed with

He has probably played more video games than you have in your lifetime.

He makes puns out of the blue, comes up with random ideas and occasionally teases his partner, Rachel, with her inadequate pronunciation and imperfect grammar. Yes, he will correct your English. All for thinking outside and inside the box, he is also a conceptualizer and copywriter. Along with Rachel, he conceptualizes compositions and visual interpretation, finding possible solutions to design problems before finalizing it.

Jonathan studied Digital Animation in The One Academy of Communication Design, and is officially qualified to correct your English with his TESOL(Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification. He learned Japanese up to Level 2 for 2 years, although only holding a JLPT Level 3 cert. He also speaks multiple Chinese dialect.